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Development Applications

From 31 July 2020 development applications lodged in Goyder and for development on land not within a Council area must be lodged under the new planning legislation.

The Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 is now operational in rural areas, replacing Council development plans with a state - wide Planning and Design Code.

Visit PlanSA Portal for more information.

At its 18 August 2020 ordinary Council meeting the following motions were passed;

That Council endorse;

1. The new Fees and Charges set out by legislation; and

2. That the signage fee for public notification be charged at $250.00 for supply and erection.

Planning & Design Code

A single set of planning rules to enable high quality development

The Planning and Design Code (the Code) is the cornerstone of South Australia’s new planning system. The Code will replace all development plans to become the single source of planning policy for assessing development applications across the state.

The Code will provide South Australians with planning policy that is consistent and clear, making the planning process quicker, simpler and more equitable. This will help the community to navigate the planning system when building a house, developing a business or progressing large commercial developments.

The Code is being progressively introduced across South Australia, commencing in the outback before moving to rural council areas and concluding in urban areas.

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