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Animal Management

New Laws For Dog And Cat Owners

New laws for Cat and Dog owners came into effect on 1st July 2018.

The new laws include:

  • Mandatory microchipping of dogs and cats over the age of 3 months (or within 28 days of taking possession)
  • Mandatory desexing of dogs and cats born after 1st July 2018 (unless exempted)
  • Registering as a breeder for people who breed dogs and cats for sale
  • The introduction of a state-wide dog and cat database, called Dogs and Cats Online (DACO).

For further information, please visit the Dog and Cat Board website –

Dog Registration

All dogs over the age of three months must be registered. Dog registrations expire on the 30th of June (each year) and must be renewed by the 31st of August (each year). Penalties apply for people who own (or are responsible for) an unregistered dog.

Please contact the Regional Council of Goyder on 8892 0100 as soon as possible if:

  • You do not receive a renewal notice for your dog
  • You have moved address
  • You have changed your contact details
  • Your dog is deceased
  • Your dog is no longer in your care
  • You have lost your dog’s grey (lifetime) registration disk

What Is Dogs And Cats Online (DACO)?

Dogs and Cats Online is a one-stop online service for all registration payments, micro chipping and breeder information.

Dogs and Cats Online has replaced the 68 individual Council dog and cat registers and serves as a single online database that is accessible 24 hours a day, including on mobile devices.

Dogs and Cats Online has been developed to allow you to instantly update your pets registration or microchip details if you move address or change your contact details, and pay your annual registration fees.

Dogs and Cats Online will also assist Councils, shelters and the general public in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Identifying Your Pet

The Regional Council of Goyder requests that your pet wears a collar with an identification disk at all times.

This will assist in the prompt identification and reunification of your pet should it become lost or wander.

Off-Leash Dog Parks

The Regional Council of Goyder have two off-leash dog parks for your dog’s enjoyment. They are located at Smelts Road, Burra and Cameron Terrace, Farrell Flat.

Found Or Wandering Dog

If you have found a dog or wish to report a wandering dog, please contact the Regional Council of Goyder on 8892 0100 during office hours. (9am – 5pm Monday – Friday)

Lost Dog

If you have lost your dog, please contact the Regional Council of Goyder on 8892 0100 during office hours. (9am – 5pm Monday – Friday)

There are several options available to report a missing dog:

  1. Report your lost dog to Council (during office hours)
  2. Utilise local knowledge. There are many sites on social media, such as community buy, swap and sell or lost pet pages that allow people to post about lost or found pets. Make sure you post a recent photo of your pet. If you do not have social media, ask someone who does to do this for you.
  3. Log in to DACO and update the status of your dog to 'Lost'

Dog Attack

If you or your pet become involved in a dog attack, please report the incident as soon as possible to the Regional Council of Goyder on 8892 0100 during office hours. (9am – 5pm Monday – Friday). If the dog attack occurs outside of Council office hours, please report the incident to the South Australian Police on 131 444.

Cat Registration

Cat registration is free with the Regional Council of Goyder. Log onto or contact the Regional Council of Goyder on 8892 0100 to register your cat. Cat registration is not compulsory.

Cat Traps

The Regional Council of Goyder supports responsible cat management within the community. Council has two cat traps available for hire to assist with the removal of feral and unowned cats. A $50 deposit is required to hire the trap however this will be refunded when the trap is returned in a clean and undamaged condition. Strict terms and conditions apply when hiring the trap to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the trapped cat.

Animal Concerns

If you have concerns about an animal that appears to be neglected, injured, sick or trapped and in need of rescue, please call the RSPCA 24 hour hotline on 1300 477 722.

Any Other Enquiries?

Please contact the Regional Council of Goyder on 8892 0100 or

Animal Management Plan 2017 - 2022