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For daily updates the South Australian Local Government has asked that you please refer to Coronavirus Disease COVID19 and we recommend that our community uses this resource to remain aware of developments and official reports.

For any further enquiries you can contact Council on 08 8892 0100.

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The Regional Council of Goyder was proclaimed on 3rd February 1997 as a result of the amalgamation of the former District Councils of Burra Burra, Eudunda, Hallett and Robertstown. The new Council was named after George Woodroffe Goyder, whose famous Goyder's Line traverses the Council region. The Council now comprises four Wards - Burra, Eudunda, Hallett and Robertstown which between them are made up of 24 Hundreds as follows:

Hallett Ward (7)

Whyte, Terowie, Wonna, Ketchowla, Anne, Hallett, Tomkinson

Burra Ward (8)

Ayers, Kingston, Mongolata, Rees, Hanson, Kooringa, Baldina, King

Robertstown Ward (5)

Apoinga, Bright, English, Bundey, Bower

Eudunda Ward (4)

Julia Creek, Brownlow, Neales, Dutton

Council Logo

The logo concept depicts the inconic farmhouse ruin and the rolling hills of the Goyder Region.

The farmhouse ruin is a reflective historic legacy of the region's agricultural progress and its relationship with Goyder's Line. The colour palette of the rolling hills reflects the changing seasonal landscape across the region and has been given a modern touch with stylised illustration.

Our Vision

A proactive Council working in partnership with our citizens to facilitate a strong economy, sustainable environment and vibrant active community.

Our Organisational Values

We will be known for:

  • Responsible use and management of community resources
  • Listening with an open mind to our community and responding appropriately to their needs.
  • Acting with honesty and integrity
  • Being accessible and accountable to our community
  • Acknowledging the right of future generations to enjoy the same quality of life as we do by protecting and enhancing our natural resources and developing our economic, intellectual and social capital

Our Goals


  • To facilitate appropriate economic development which builds on our existing assets of primary industry, tourism, manufacturing and transport


  • To facilitate a coordinated approach to providing services to meet the community's needs in an efficient and effective manner.
  • To engage with our community to build a shared sense of responsibility for achieving mutual goals


  • To protect our environment from harm through appropriate developments and management practices
  • To identify opportunities for restoration and enhancement of the natural environment

Quality Infrastructure

  • To ensure investment in infrastructure provides measurable benefits to the community
  • To improve and maintain our road network


  • To make the most efficient use of public funds
  • To ensure that all expenditure is directed towards achieving identified strategic goals


  • To build a strong sense of unity within and across the Council

Council Values

At its November 15, 2016 Meeting Council adopted the following organistional Team Values'