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Waste Water

The Regional Council of Goyder operates a Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) within most streets within the Eudunda and Burra Townships.  However if you live outside of these areas you are required to install and operate an onsite wastewater system.

If you own or are looking to buy a property within the Regional Council of Goyder you will require an understanding of the type of system you have as well as how to correctly operate and maintain the system on the premises.

Misuse of an on-site wastewater system can result in potential health risks, additional costs, inconvenience, and possible penalties.

System installation

If you are looking to build a dwelling or looking to renovate or extend an existing building in the Regional Council of  Goyder you must submit a wastewater application.

The application consists of the following documents:

  • A completed wastewater application that is dated and signed by the owner and the applicant;
  • If it is a new system in the townships of Eudunda and Burra where a CWMS Connection is available or where it is an extension or renovation an underfloor plumbing plan and civil site plan will suffice.
  • If it a new system in an area that is not service by a CWMS you must also obtain a wastewater engineers report and associated wastewater civil site plan from a wastewater engineer.

Council approval is required for all on-site wastewater systems.

Once your on-site wastewater system is approved by Council, your registered plumbing contractor is responsible for ensuring work is undertaken in accordance with the approval documents.

Waste Water Application