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To apply for a lease of a burial plot or a cremation niche, the Application For Lease of Plot/Niche Memorial form must be filled in and returned to Council with the relevant fee as stated on the form.

Burra and Eudunda Cemeteries have a niche wall for interment of ashes. The wall niche holds one container of ashes and must be placed by a Funeral Director who provides the standard size container and plaque. The plaque must be attached by a monumental mason.

Farrell Flat, Hallett and Booborowie Cemeteries have ground niches for ashes, these niches can hold two urns.

Burial plots may also be used to inter ashes, these can be placed by family. Depending on the available space in the plot and the size of urns or containers a number of urns can be placed in a burial plot.

Once the ashes are interred Council requires the Application for Interment of Ashes form to be filled in and returned with the relevant fee as stated on the form.  All interments must be registered with Council.

These Goyder Council Cemeteries do not have availability of new leases for burials or ashes:

  • Australia Plains Cemetery
  • Apoinga Cemetery
  • Bright Cemetery
  • Emu Downs Cemetery

For information in relation to the following Cemeteries please contact the Lutheran Church in the area.

  • Bower
  • Bundey
  • Emmaus Cemetery
  • Geranium Plains
  • Point Pass
  • St Johns
  • Sutherlands
  • Zion Cemetery

Please contact Council if you require any further information in relation to Cemeteries..


Application For Lease of Plot/Niche Memorial

Application for Interment of Ashes