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Fire Prevention

Fire prevention enquiries should be directed to: 

Lisa Jamieson
Fire Prevention Officer
1 Market Square, Burra SA 5417
Phone: (08) 8892 0100

When is the Fire Danger Season?

The entire Regional Council of Goyder area is located within the MID NORTH Fire Ban District. The Fire Danger Season in the MID NORTH usually commences on the 15th of November each year and concludes on the 30th of April (inclusive) each year.
The 2019/2020 Fire Danger Season will commence on the 1st of November 2019 and conclude on the 30th of April 2020 (unless otherwise declared by the South Australian Country Fire Service).
Fire Restrictions during the Fire Danger Season
Once the Fire Danger Season has begun, there are strict controls on the lighting of fires and the use of certain tools in the open.
These restrictions remain in place for the entire Fire Danger Season.
To find out what you can and can’t do during Fire Danger Season and on a Total Fire Ban day, click on the link below:

Obligations of Landowners - Section 105F

Pursuant to Section 105F of the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005, an owner of private land must take reasonable steps –
(a) To prevent or inhibit the outbreak of fire on the land; and
(b) To prevent or inhibit the spread of fire through the land; and
(c) To protect property on the land from fire; and
(d) To minimise the threat to human life from a fire on the land.
In an effort to reduce the risk of a fire during the Fire Danger Season, Council’s Fire Prevention Officer issues Bushfire Hazard Reduction 105F Compliance notices (pursuant to the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005) to land owners requiring them to reduce the fuel loads on their property.
If you fail to comply with a requirement of the Bushfire Hazard Reduction 105F Compliance notice –
a) You may be liable to a significant fine (A maximum penalty of $10,000) or an expiation fee of $315; and
b) The Regional Council of Goyder may arrange for a contractor to carry out the work required by the notice and recover the full costs against you, plus a $25 admin fee (Inclusive of GST)
Property owners are required to maintain their properties throughout the entire Fire Danger Season.

Preparing your property for the Fire Danger Season

Keeping your home and property well prepared throughout the year is essential to ensure you survive a bushfire. A well prepared home is more likely to survive a bushfire than one that hasn't been prepared.

A well prepared home:
·         Can be easier for you or firefighters to defend
·         Is more likely to survive, even if you're not there
·         Is less likely to put your neighbours' homes at risk
·         Will give you more protection if a fire threatens suddenly and you cannot leave or have to take shelter

Ways to protect your home:
·         Cut/mow grass so that it is no higher than 100 mm (4 Inches)
·         Remove any flammable material from around your home, including cleaning out gutters.
·         Clear away dead undergrowth and fallen branches.
·         Ensure that any firewood is stored well away from your home and outbuildings.
·         Ensure that your property is clearly numbered so that it can be easily found by Emergency Services
should the need arise.
·         Trim excess vegetation along driveways and firebreaks, including any overhanging branches, to provide easy access for firefighting appliances. As a guide, the CFS requires a minimum clearance of 3.5 metres wide x 3.5 metres high.
·         Protect your assets with adequate home and contents insurance

Contractors for Fire Prevention Measures

The following list of Service Providers is a general guide only.
These are only some of the services offered within the Goyder Council area.
Other providers are available and can be located in the Yellow Pages or online.
Don's Mowing Services - Don Mercer - 0429 812 056 - All areas within the Goyder Council Region
Terowie Citizens Association - Ross - 0413 003 586 or Trevor - 0427 971 234 - Terowie
Farrell Flat Management Committee -  Nick (Chairman) - 0414 792 912 or Christine (Secretary) - 0447 393 080 - Farrell Flat
David Carter (based in Eudunda) - 8581 1297 or 0427 811 297 - All areas within the Goyder Region
Priority Garden Maintenance - Mike Prior - 0417 359 156 - Eudunda and Robertstown
John Jones - 0427 922 402 - Burra

If you are a local Contractor and you would like your name to be added to this list, please contact Council on 8892 0100 or

Fire Permits

Fire Permits are required for any fire during the Fire Danger Season.

Authorised Fire Permit Officers for the Regional Council of Goyder area:

BURRA - Lisa Jamieson - 8892 0100
HALLETT - Merv Robinson - 0417 863 450
MOUNT BRYAN - Andy Thomas - 8893 4011 or 0409 934 011
ROBERTSTOWN - Adrian Schmidt - 0448 101 683
ROBERTSTOWN - Travis Friebel - 8581 8235 or 0419 830 834
EUDUNDA - Paul Schiller - 8581 1420 or 0427 811 420
EUDUNDA - Andrew Heidrich - 8581 1818 or 0427 811 004
EUDUNDA - David Scholz - 0419 837 515
REGIONAL PREVENTION OFFICER FOR CFS - Quinton Kessner - 8642 2399 or 0419 482 905

Useful information


The South Australian Country Fire Service is the best source of information on current incidents, warnings, fire danger ratings and fire bans.


You can also download the CFS FireApp or use the CFS facebook page to stay informed.
Further bushfire safety information is available by contacting the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1800 362 361
Further relevant information can be found on the following websites: