Council's Response to COVID19

For daily updates the South Australian Local Government has asked that you please refer to Coronavirus Disease COVID19 and we recommend that our community uses this resource to remain aware of developments and official reports.

For any further enquiries you can contact Council on 08 8892 0100.

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Development Register

Council keeps a register of all Development Applications received. The Register includes a list of Applications lodged for the purposes of receiving consent, approval, or the assignment of a building classification(s) under the Development Act 1993. The Development Register allows enquiries to be made by address, application number or Certificate of Title search, and will provide information such as:

  • Name and address of the applicant, builder and owner
  • The date on which the application was lodged
  • The subject address for the application
  • The description of the application
  • The public notification category and building classification of the application
  • The current status of the application (including any decision made on the application)

Please note that a search of the Register will not provide access to any drawings lodged as part of the application. A separate request will need to made to the Council for this information, and a fee will be payable. If you have any questions regarding the Development Register or an application, please contact Council on 8892 0100  or email

Development Register 2019-20

Development Register 2018-19 

Development Register 2017-18

Development Register 2016-17

Development Register 2015-16