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Swimming Pools


As a swimming pool owner you are responsible for safety. Accidental drowning in private swimming pools is a frequent cause of death and injury to young children under five years of age. You can prevent such an accident occurring in your swimming pool by making sure that your pool is adequately fenced and young children are supervised at all times.


Pools built after 1 July 1993 must comply with the Planning Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 which restricts access to the pool from the house. All new pools must have a continuous safety barrier which is maintained by the pool owner, and which restricts access by young children to the pool and the immediate pool surrounds.

Pools built before 1 July 1993 must comply with the Ministerial Building Standard MBS 004 which requires a swimming pool to be enclosed by a fence, wall or building or any combination of these. The minimum requirement under this legislation is that access from outside the property to the pool is restricted by a boundary fence. Owners are encouraged to upgrade pool fencing to a level of safety that meets today's standards for new pools.

For information about Fencing and Safety Barriers contact :

  • The Council offices at either Burra (08) 8892 0100 or Eudunda (08) 8581 1101, or
  • The Department of Planning and Local Government on (08) 8303 0600 or visit their website at
  • For further information on Kids and Pools, call Kidsafe (08) 8161 6318 or visit their website at