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For daily updates the South Australian Local Government has asked that you please refer to Coronavirus Disease COVID19 and we recommend that our community uses this resource to remain aware of developments and official reports.

For any further enquiries you can contact Council on 08 8892 0100.

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Waste and Recycling

Calendars are now available from the following outlets in the Council Area;

  • Booborowie - Friendly Grocer
  • Burra - Council Office
  • Burra - Library
  • Eudunda - Council Office
  • Eudunda - Library
  • Farrell Flat - Post Office
  • Hallett - Country Store
  • Robertstown - Post Office
  • Terowie - General Store
  • Whyte Yarcowie Hotel

Waste & Recycling Calendar 2022-23

Kerbside Collections

Council supplies up to two bins for each property

  • A red-lidded 140L domestic waste bin,
  • A green-lidded 240L mixed recycling bin
  • Place your wheel­ie-bin on the kerb­side the night before your sched­uled col­lec­tion day.
  • Place wheel­ie-bin as close to the edge of the road as possible.
  • Ensure your wheel­ie-bin is at least 1m clear of trees and obstruc­tions, includ­ing fire hydrants, pow­er poles, oth­er bins or parked vehicles.
  • Return your wheel­ie-bin to your prop­er­ty after it has been emptied. Bins can fall over, blow over in the wind and get knocked down. This can result in obstructed footpaths, blocked access to private property, preventing the safe parking of vehicles and even be hazardous to drivers if bins end up in the road
  • Please DO NOT leave your wheel­ie-bin on the road.

For Rural residents - Please contact Council on 8892 0100 if you would like to enquire if you are eligible.

On your wheel­ie-bin col­lec­tion day:

Non-collected bins

Sometimes bins may not be emptied due to a number of factors. If the bin is not presented correctly a brightly coloured sticker detailing the nature of the issue may be attached to the uncollected bin. This may occur if:

  • The bin is overfull or overweight: Bins must not be over­flow­ing. If lid is open it is seen as over­loaded and may not be col­lect­ed. Over­fill­ing your wheel­ie-bin means your house­hold waste may fall out, becom­ing lit­ter on the road­side. Please make sure your wheel­ie-bin lid is closed when you put it out for collection. Overfull bins expose the driver to an increased risk of rubbish falling onto the road or footpath as they complete the service. Council is not obligated to collect any bin that is overfull. Excess waste will need to be disposed of by the resident. The max­i­mum weight allowed in your wheel­ie-bin is 70kg. Addi­tion­al bags or box­es placed on the kerb­side next to your bin will not be collected.
  • The bin is contaminated: Mixing other types of material into your recycling or household waste bin will result in the bin not being collected and the resident being responsible for the disposal of those items.
  • It is a non-Council bin: Only waste and recycling bins that display our logo will be collected. Waste in other bins will need to be disposed of by the resident.
  • The number of bins presented didn’t match the provision of waste collection services paid for at your property: Bins presented for collection that are above the quantity of bins identified for your property will not be collected and the resident will be responsible for the disposal of those items.
  • No Clear Access to the bin/Wrong Position: Ensure your wheel­ie-bin is at least 1m clear of trees and obstruc­tions, includ­ing fire hydrants, pow­er poles, oth­er bins or parked vehicles.

If your bin wasn’t collected and didn’t have a brightly coloured sticker attached explaining why it wasn’t collected, this could be because roadworks were taking place, cars were parked in front of the bin, items were stuck in the bin or the bin may have simply been missed. In these instances please leave your bin out and contact us to make alternate arrangements.

Main­tain a clean hygien­ic wheelie-bin

You can pre­vent unwant­ed smells and flies by wrap­ping all meat, fish, dairy prod­ucts, veg­etable and oth­er fruit scraps.

Hose bin out thor­ough­ly at least once a month.

What hap­pens if I don’t adhere to these conditions?

Your bin will not be col­lect­ed. Please note that it is the resident’s respon­si­bil­i­ty to emp­ty bins that are deemed by the col­lec­tion dri­ver to be too full, too heavy, or con­tain unac­cept­able materials.

What if my wheel­ie-bin is lost or damaged?

Contact the Technical Services Department at Council

Contaminated Recycling

Residents are reminded that the recycling bin contents are sorted by hand and the following are some of the items NOT to be placed in the recycling bin:

Broken Toys, Bubble Wrap, Ceramics, Cling Film, Foam, Food Scraps, Nappies, Plants, Shredded Paper, Tapes, Twine, Weeds and Soft Plastics. Note - Soft Plastics are items your can scrunch in your hand click list for examples.

Broken glass, crockery and light globes cannot be recycled through the green lid recycle bin.

Green waste may be placed in the waste bin (red lid). Please place on top of general waste.

Kerbside Waste & Recycling Guide & Tips

Council has developed a Kerbside Waste & Recycling Guide and some Recycling Tips which may be downloaded here;

Waste Disposal Tips

Kerbside Waste & Recycling Guide

Recycling Tips

Broken Glass, Crockery and Light Globes

Not for the Recycle Bin - For Red cycle Drop Off

Transfer Stations

For opening times and fees of the Transfer Stations click here