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The New Planning Code

South Australia’s urban and regional planning system is currently undergoing its biggest reform in over 25 years.

The State Planning Commission is leading the change. The resulting planning system will be underpinned by the new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (SA) (PDI Act) which introduces a raft of new planning tools.

The new planning and development system will affect how development policy is formed and amended, and how development applications are lodged and assessed.

The new planning system was set to be implemented for the City of Adelaide on 1 July 2020, however, based on considerable feedback from local government, community and stakeholders, the Minister for Planning has delayed this implementation to a date to be set by proclamation. This is anticipated to be later in 2020. Progress on the new planning system is located on the State Government Planning Portal.

Planning and Design Code

A significant element of the planning reform involves replacing all 72 South Australian Development Plans with a single state-wide planning rule book, the Planning and Design Code.

On 1 October 2019, the State Planning Commission released the draft Planning and Design Code for public consultation. Consultation closed on 28 February 2020.

The Planning and Design Code (The Code) covering the South Australia’s outback and rural areas is now available for the general public to access for familiarisation purposes ahead of the Minister’s formal adoption of the Code and the planned implementation for Phase Two (Rural Areas) on 31 July 2020.

It is important to note that when accessing the Phase Two Planning and Design Code in the ePlanning system, only addresses in outback and rural areas of the state will display results. Metropolitan addresses, whilst able to be entered, will not display a result as the Phase Three Planning and Design Code has not yet been added to the ePlanning system. This is anticipated to be later in 2020.

For any queries regrading the Code please contact the PlanSA helpline on 1800 752 664.

Getting Ready for the New Planning System

Detailed information on key features and implementation timing of the new, State-wide Planning System is located on the State Government Planning Portal.

Assessment Pathways in the Planning and Design Code FACT SHEET

Development Application FACT SHEET

New Fees and Charges AT A GLANCE

Find out if you need approval FACT SHEET