Goyder Youth Advisory Committee

The primary aim of the Goyder Youth Advisory Committee is to give the young people of the region a means of communication with the Regional Council of Goyder and their Elected Members.

In this way, the Goyder Youth Advisory Commmittee can ensure the view of young people are considered in the formulation of Council policy and projects. Promote a positive image of young people.

Secondary aims include;

  • Participation in the management of youth activities in the region
  • Define issues of concern to young people in the region
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of youth and community services within the region
  • Raise awareness within the community on youth issues
  • Fostering positive relationships between young people and Local Government
  • Implement annual Youth Week activities
  • Conduct events to promote YAC
  • Arrange training to improve the skills of young people
  • Develop youth strategies
  • Consider requests from Council on youth issues

Please refer to our Committees and Representation policies for further information here.

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