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Small Goals

Small Goals are bite sized and achievable.

Achieving any goal is an immensely motivating experience, and one that builds confidence.

When you set yourself a big goal, you're really assigning yourself to lots of small tasks. When people give up on their big goals, it's often because the numerous small tasks were not planned for.

As you set small goals for yourself, you will start to overcome the "all or nothing" mindset and enjoy more success in the long-term.

During COVID, social distancing and periods of self-isolation, including working from home- just one example of a small change in your daily life  could be aimed at helping you achieve a small exercise and activity regime.

To achieve this you can ‘attach your small (exercise) goal’ to another regular behaviour, like-

  • Before I get my coffee I will do a few  exercises”.
  • Every-time I hang out the washing Ill touch my toes after hanging up each garment (or every second garment if you have tons of socks)
  • When I make my bed I’ll do  5 push-ups/  or sit-ups or go for a walk around the Block

You get the idea.  But start small, just one small goal commitment to make that start!

Small (be active) goals can be created by designating a few minutes of time to daily exercise to make your body and self, feel better. The incremental approach is more effective because it guarantees at least some progress towards becoming more consistent and creating a daily routine for you and your family. And the best bit- It doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" situation.

Goals that are "right-sized" relative to the amount of time and work you're willing and able to invest are much more satisfying because, simply, you're more likely to achieve them.



Good Luck!