Council's Response to COVID19

For daily updates the South Australian Local Government has asked that you please refer to Coronavirus Disease COVID19 and we recommend that our community uses this resource to remain aware of developments and official reports.

For any further enquiries you can contact Council on 08 8892 0100.

Refer to Council's COVID-19 Page for

  • Support Information
  • Printable Materials
  • Translation Services
  • Closures
  • Financial Assistance Application
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
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Be Connected

Tips on how to remain connected

  1. Call your friends, colleagues and relatives regularly on the phone.
  2. Reach out and check on your neighbours and assist those who may be isolated or unable to cope, especially our older neighbours.
  3. Leave a Hi Neighbour card in your neighbour’s mailbox, or someone you know that might need assistance, with your phone number and how you can help i.e. shopping or running errands. You can use Council’s free downloadable postcard- see below.
  4. Use video calls when you cannot physically visit. You can do this on your computer or smart phone using SkypeZoom or Facebook Messenger.
  5. Red Cross can provide you with a daily telephone call to check on your well-being through a service known as Telecross. For more information contact Red Cross on 1300 885 698.
  6. Showing kindness to others not only helps them but can also increase your sense of purpose and value, improving your own well-being.

Stay Connected in Goyder:  

  1. Hi Neighbour card - At times like this, it’s essential we support one another and show compassion to those who need it- neighbour to neighbour. Download a “Hi Neighbour” card which you can pop in your neighbour’s mailbox or under their door and let them know how you can help whether it be shopping, running errands or a friendly chat. Who will you connect with to become Goyder Buddies.
  2. #facesabouttheplace - During this period of social distancing and isolation, one of the biggest things we miss about social interactions are the faces of loved ones, friends and our community. The #faceabouttheplace project encourages everyone to get creative with nature and develop faces in their gardens or to display in their windows to share and stay connected.