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For daily updates the South Australian Local Government has asked that you please refer to Coronavirus Disease COVID19 and we recommend that our community uses this resource to remain aware of developments and official reports.

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COVID - Summer Season

2nd October 2020
As the community gears up for summer sport and recreational activities, there are measures that your organisation/club will need to put in place to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community. Many of you will already be aware of these measures but for those gearing up for the summer season please note the information below.

COVID-Safe Plan

Sport and recreational activities are required to have and display a COVID-Safe Plan, to demonstrate that they have considered all aspects of conducting the activity in a safe manner. The COVID Safe Plan page explains who needs to create a COVID-Safe Plan, how to create a Plan and outlines the obligations and responsibilities of the organisation/club in implementing the Plan.

COVID Management Plan

Sport and recreational activities where more than 1,000 people are likely to be present must also have an approved COVID Management Plan. The COVID Management Plan page explains who needs a COVID Management Plan, how to create one and the approval process. This detailed document must be approved by SA Health. Early submission of the plan will ensure that you can have your plan in place without restricting attendance.

COVID Marshal

Sport and recreational activities are required to have a trained COVID Marshal on site. A COVID Marshal’s role is to take reasonable actions to ensure that all people on site comply with COVID-Safe practices, such as physical distancing, capacity limits, infection control, and hygiene rules. The COVID Marshal page explains the activities that require a COVID Marshal, who can be a COVID Marshal, the difference between a nominated and a dedicated COVID Marshal, and provides a link to the COVID Marshal training.

Updated Directions

It has been announced by the Premier that as of midnight tonight, drinking alcohol while standing (outside only) will be permitted. At this stage the updated Emergency Management Direction that will include specific details, has not been released. Refer to this page for the updated Direction as it becomes available: Emergency Management Direction.

As new sporting seasons commence, I would like to stress again that we cannot be complacent. We’ve done a great job so far so let’s not undo all the good. Keep playing your part to help stop the spread:

  • Stay home if you are unwell.
  • Keep 1.5 metre distance from others wherever and whenever possible.
  • Adhere to the density requirement of 1 person per 2 square meters.
  • Wash or sanitize hands and common surfaces regularly.

Further information can be found at