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Burra Community-Led Emergency Resilience Project

7th February 2020
Are you a community leader who lives, works, learns or plays in Burra?

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What is the Burra Community-Led Emergency Resilience Project?

it is often in times of emergency that real community spirit shines. The residents of Burra are no exception and have already demonstrated how they come together through times of tragedy, celebration and how they work together to support others.

The Burra Community-Led Emergency Resilience Project is an opportunity for local residents, community groups, businesses, council and emergency services to build on that community spirit and come together to discuss and plan how you can:

  • anticipate;
  • prepare for;
  • reduce the impact of;
  • cope with; and
  • recover from any emergency should one occur in the township of Burra

Why emergency resilience?

Australian communities have a long history of being affected by emergencies:

  • heat waves;
  • bushfires;
  • storms;
  • cyclones;
  • drought; and
  • blackouts are just some of the emergencies that can impact a community

Get involved! Burra Community Forum

Are you a community leader who lives, works, learns or plays in Burra?

Are you interested in representing other community members and being part of an initial leadership group to explore ways we can build emergency resilience in Burra?

If so, please contact Community Development Project Officer, Mary Hajistassi on 0414 596 363 or