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A Message from the Mayor

7th April 2020

It is difficult to believe that this time last month, the idea that a global pandemic would be declared. It is almost inconceivable that this situation we now know as Covid-19 would cause such change, misery and unexpected flow on effects; sending ripples in a micro and macro sense across global, national, regional and local levels.

However, it is indeed a reality that we are in the midst of a global pandemic and the effects of the virus are widespread. There are no winners, however we are fortunate through good planning and uptake of restrictions and directives from the Australian Government that we find ourselves in the place we do today. Medical professionals would suggest that ‘we have a long way to go’, and it will be adherence to the ‘social distancing’, hygiene and travel messages that may show dividends in the future.

Regional communities, like our city colleagues are enduring one of the most difficult financial times seen since the ‘Great Depression’. With tourism at an all-time low, and folks bunkering down and staying at home there are obvious consequences to our economy. Tourism is but one sector experiencing this downturn. Global markets continue to be volatile. Many of our international neighbours and trading partners are experiencing yet untold horror. With these times, as they are, I would make the comment that until things begin to settle on the global stage, many of our sectors remain in a state of flux.

As a local leader, I am committed to ensuring that local government and the Regional Council of Goyder continues to serve its residents to the best of its ability. Whilst we are in the grip of an unexpected and unwelcome interruption to our usual lifestyles, things may be tough. However, as I meet the budget discussions head on tomorrow, know that I have every intention to ensure that residents get the best deal we can afford.

Easter is upon us, and I wish you well over the coming weeks and urge you to continue following the health messaging that is so clearly put in all forms of media. The Goyder region looks forward to times in the not too distant future, when we can welcome back business, tourism and visitation to our area. We all have a part to play.

Peter Mattey OAM