2020 - 2035 Goyder Master Plan

23rd March 2020

Council will begin working to update the Goyder Master Plan (GMP) over the coming months and would welcome community submissions for the 2020 – 2035 version. In line with budgetary constraints, project plan concept status, GMP pillars and objectives and feasibility Councillors will again review submissions from community and allocate the item a priority or refer the project back to community with further commentary.

Council invites community to review current projects in the 2019 - 2034 GMP and update/amend/provide Council with a list of priorities and include the following information for new projects:

  • Name of Idea / Project / Plan / Concept
  • Background - including why it’s important to you
  • Scope – how you envisage the implementation of this idea
  • What’s next – a list of steps, a timeframe and what work has already been done
  • Features –positive attributes
  • Benefits – including the appropriate pillars’ and ‘objectives it meets as part of the Goyder Master Plan
  • Stakeholders – the groups directly affected by this idea
  • Collaboration – the groups/associations/businesses that will collaborate
  • Cost – expected total cost
  • Picture/s -(if available)

Submissions for the Goyder Master Plan are welcome year round and can be sent via email to council@goyder.sa.gov.au or 1 Market Square Burra. However; only project submissions received before Friday 1 May 2020 will be considered for the 2020 – 2035 iteration.

You can apply online here