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Australia Day Winners


The following lists record the recipients of Australia Day Awards from 1981.

The records precede the amalgamation of the District Councils of Hallett, Burra Burra, Robertstown and Eudunda to form the Regional Council of Goyder, which occurred in 1997.

CouncilYearWardCitizen of the YearYoung Citizen of the YearCommunity Event of the Year
Regional Council of Goyder2020BurraGeraldine Smedley 2018 Burra & Communities Christmas Fair
Regional Council of Goyder2020EudundaRodney Grosser 2019 Eudunda & Districts Agricultural Show
Regional Council of Goyder2020HallettPam Herraman  
Regional Council of Goyder2020RobertstownDoris SchmidtJake Schmidt"Day in the Dust" - drought relief concert featuring the Australian Army Band
(also awarded South Australian Community Event of the Year)
Regional Council of Goyder2019BurraJudith EberhardAmber Williams 2018 Burra Districts Open Gardens and Spring Gardens Expo
Regional Council of Goyder2019Eudunda Peter HerrimanSamuel Doerring2018 Eudunda Show
Regional Council of Goyder2019RobertstownMichael and Jeanette ColbeyJackson FriebelMelbourne Cup Luncheon hosted by the Robertstown Court Committee
Regional Council of Goyder2019HallettPatricia Flak Henry Hoke Unearthed
Regional Council of Goyder2018BurraShirley BroadJacqueline QuinnBurra AGL Country Music Festival
Regional Council of Goyder2018EudundaJulie and Trevor MathewsKayla SteinbornerEudunda Christmas Street Party
Regional Council of Goyder2018RobertstownToni Brown Robertstown Strawberry Fete with Twilight Market
Regional Council of Goyder2018HallettJan Haustorfer  
Regional Council of Goyder2017BurraRupert (Jack) Kleinig Burra Antique & Collectables Fair
Regional Council of Goyder2017EudundaPam DutschkeBlake LaunerEudunda Hall & Catering Committee
Regional Council of Goyder2017RobertstownCoral Ruediger 'Ride With A Mate'
Regional Council of Goyder2017HallettTony Sumner  
Regional Council of Goyder2016BurraPeter CochraneBethany JonesBurra Picnic Races
Regional Council of Goyder2016EudundaKathy HandkeKahlia JenkeEudunda Bowling Club 90th Birthday Celebrations
Regional Council of Goyder2016RobertstownMaureen KellerCoby RoddaRobertstown RSL Sub Branch Centenary of ANZAC Lunch
Regional Council of Goyder2016HallettRosco HaustorferWilliam BrooksSir Hubert Wilkins Film Evening
Regional Council of Goyder2015BurraMaureen Bevan Burra Golf Club
Regional Council of Goyder2015EudundaYvonne RohdeKyle MurrayLavender Trail Opening
Regional Council of Goyder2015RobertstownMargaret Launer 50th Anniversary Robertstown Dinner Dance
Regional Council of Goyder2015HallettRuth JaquetLeanne AdamsWalk for Mum - Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser
Regional Council of Goyder2014BurraAngela WebsterHannah FarrellyBurra Show
Regional Council of Goyder2014Eudunda Ryan Harvalik 
Regional Council of Goyder2014RobertstownSharon Tremaine  
Regional Council of Goyder2014HallettDebby Hale  
Regional Council of Goyder2013BurraJoyce Lloyd Farrell Flat Centenary Celebrations
Regional Council of Goyder2013EudundaOra JenkeSarah HarveyShear Wishes
Regional Council of Goyder2013RobertstownEvelyn Ross  
Regional Council of Goyder2013HallettKristine Peters  
Regional Council of Goyder2012Burra Lorraine Stevens Rhiannon Phillips NEFL & NENA Grand Final 
Regional Council of Goyder2012Eudunda Paul Schiller Blake Rule & Richard Partington Eudunda Pioneer Market Day 
Regional Council of Goyder2012Robertstown John Mosey  Robertstown Primary School Spring Fair 
Regional Council of Goyder2011Burra Andy Thomas   
Regional Council of Goyder2011EudundaDon Pfitzner  Eudunda Show 
Regional Council of Goyder2011Robertstown Roy Schmidt   
Regional Council of Goyder2010BurraJohn Quinn  
Regional Council of Goyder2010RobertstownDaph Kotz   
Regional Council of Goyder2010Hallett Brian Pohlner   
Regional Council of Goyder2009Burra Darryl Venning Tasha Phillips Burra Leisure Group - 'Mini Olympics' 
Regional Council of Goyder2009EudundaJoan Latz James Mader  
Regional Council of Goyder2009RobertstownRoss Schutz   
Regional Council of Goyder2008 Hallett Sydney McDowell  
Regional Council of Goyder2008 Burra Meredith SatchellChelsea Evans 
Regional Council of Goyder2008 Robertstown Peter Niemz  
Regional Council of Goyder2008 Eudunda Desmond Pfeiffer Eudunda Sporting Clubrooms - 'Catering for the 24 hour Motor Bike Trial'
(Acknowledgement Award for Outstanding Service to the Community - SA Ambulance, Eudunda Branch)
Regional Council of Goyder2007 Hallett Mervin Robinson Terowie Citizens Association 'Terowie's Days of Rail and Screen
Regional Council of Goyder2007 Burra Sharon O'ConnorKimberly BrakBurra Town Hall Committee 'Upgrade, restoration and re-opening of the Burra Town Hall
Regional Council of Goyder2007 Robertstown Tracey Rodda  
Regional Council of Goyder2007 Eudunda Stanley Simper  
Regional Council of Goyder2006Hallett   
Regional Council of Goyder2006BurraJohn BurgeJake NorrisLeisure Activity Group '60th Anniversary of the End of World War 2'
Regional Council of Goyder2006RobertstownDesma Wilksch Robertstown Netball Club '50th Anniversary'
Regional Council of Goyder2006EudundaJames DunstanTristan Zerner 
Regional Council of Goyder2005HallettJudith Lewis  
Regional Council of Goyder2005BurraCeline StockmanKatie Thomas 
Regional Council of Goyder2005RobertstownKaren BrohanSimon KeithRobertstown Football Club's 40th Reunion of Dinner Dance
Regional Council of Goyder2005EudundaYvonne Angel  
Regional Council of Goyder2004HallettVikki Adams  
Regional Council of Goyder2004BurraBob Greet Burra Community School 25 Year Celebrations
Regional Council of Goyder2004RobertstownLeon Booth  
Regional Council of Goyder2004EudundaJohn Stephens  
Regional Council of Goyder2003HallettTerence Hopkins "Terowie Days of Rail and Screen"
(Awarded South Australian Australia Day Community Event of the Year)
Regional Council of Goyder2003BurraColleen WoodgateKylie O'ConnorYouth Disco - "Country Hicks vs City Slickers"
Regional Council of Goyder2003RobertstownDehla SchmidtTimothy Schmidt 
Regional Council of Goyder2003EudundaC A (Clem) Post  
Regional Council of Goyder2002HallettMary Fisher Opening of Sir Hubert Wilkins Homestead
Regional Council of Goyder2002BurraSharyn Roberts Centenary of Federation Celebrations
Regional Council of Goyder2002RobertstownArnold Nicolai Centenary of Federation Celebrations
Regional Council of Goyder2002EudundaMary Mader Centenary of Federation Celebrations
Regional Council of Goyder2001BurraBeverley Kellock 2000 " Boobs Alive"
Regional Council of Goyder2001RobertstownGlenn Rooke New Year's Eve Event
Regional Council of Goyder2001EudundaYvonne Schulz Eudunda Heritage Committee AGM of 4WD Club
Regional Council of Goyder2000HallettBarbara Rayner Terowie Christmas Pageant
Regional Council of Goyder2000BurraIan Denton Greening of Burra Golf Course
Regional Council of Goyder2000RobertstownKenneth Bartel Robertstown Primary School Celebration Day
Regional Council of Goyder2000EudundaDorothy (Dot) Bonner  
Regional Council of Goyder1999Hallett  Twilight Jazz Affair
Regional Council of Goyder1999BurraPauline Venning Burra School 120/20 Concert
Regional Council of Goyder1999RobertstownMary G Eberhard Community Arts and Craft Display
Regional Council of Goyder1999Eudunda Emily EberhardEudunda Area School - 50 Years Celebrations
District Council of Hallett1998 Joy McDowell   
Regional Council of Goyder1998HallettJoy McDowell Terowie School 120 Years of Education
Regional Council of Goyder1998BurraJanet Tiver and Meryl WhiteHeidi Thompson 
Regional Council of Goyder1998RobertstownRonald Wilksch  
District Council of Hallett1997HallettPeter Boaden   
District Council of Burra Burra1997BurraRosemary OppermanDarren BoulgerBurra Police 150 Celebrations
District Council of Eudunda1997EudundaE N (Edgar) Zander  
District Council of Robertstown1996RobertstownAdrian Menzel   
District Council of Hallett1996HallettMary Fahey   
District Council of Burra Burra1996BurraRobyn Page Back to Burra School
District Council of Eudunda1996EudundaL B (Les) Reimann  
District Council of Hallett1995HallettJune Honan   
District Council of Burra Burra1995BurraGraham M Kellock Riley Car Club National Rally
District Council of Eudunda1995EudundaG J (Geoff) Hansen  
District Council of Burra Burra1994BurraHenry (Harry) B Quinn  
District Council of Eudunda1994EudundaJ M (Jim) ReeseJenny Zekov 
District Council of Burra Burra1993BurraColleen SpackmanMartin HeathBooborowie Centenary of Education
District Council of Eudunda1993EudundaM E (Maureen) BaehnischGreg Ratsch 
District Council of Burra Burra1992BurraShirley P MadiganCaroline BernhardtRebuilding of Community and Sports Complex
District Council of Eudunda1992Eudunda   
District Council of Robertstown1991RobertstownMervyn R Lehmann & Thesnelda A Noske   
District Council of Burra Burra1991BurraIvan HirshausenCheryl Day 
District Council of Eudunda1991EudundaC E (Clem) Loffler  
District Council of Robertstown1990RobertstownW. George Fitzner & Rhonda J Lehmann   
District Council of Burra Burra1990BurraDon Lloyd  
District Council of Eudunda1990Eudunda   
District Council of Burra Burra1989BurraLen and Sue Hentschke  
District Council of Eudunda1989EudundaR E (Ralph) Carter  
District Council of Robertstown1988RobertstownRobert J Leditschke   
District Council of Burra Burra1988BurraDi Day  
District Council of Eudunda1988EudundaD C (Doug) BoweringAndrew Pfitzner 
District Council of Burra Burra1987BurraClive OatesAndrew Kleinig 
District Council of Robertstown1987RobertstownAlan R Eberhard   
District Council of Eudunda1987EudundaA S K (Arthur) Holding  
District Council of Burra Burra1986BurraFlo ScroopIan Kleinig 
District Council of Eudunda1986EudundaW B (Bill) Loffler  
District Council of Burra Burra1985BurraTed BaulderstoneRosalie Lloyd 
District Council of Eudunda1985EudundaW T (Wally) Hage  
District Council of Robertstown1984RobertstownAngus H Farley & Clarence D Weiss   
District Council of Burra Burra1984BurraColin Fidock  
District Council of Burra Burra1983BurraRon ThammWendy Cornwell 
District Council of Burra Burra1982BurraChris McCabeLisa J Steele 
District Council of Burra Burra1981BurraLaurel I NeillDanny Greet