Paying Expiations

On 3rd February 2014 the system for paying expiations (fines) in SA changed. Prior to these changes, an authority would issue an expiation for an offence allowing 28 days to expiate, if not paid a reminder notice (additional fees) would be issued allowing another 14 days to pay the total of both charges if not paid it would be sent to Court for actioning.

The process now is simplified, the issue of expiation (fine) and reminder notices will still be issued as above but payment arrangements can now be organised with a new unit as explained hereunder.

Now you will have the option of paying your expiation by instalments as soon as you receive it by arrangement with Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit (details below).

More flexible options now available for paying overdue fines.

People now have more flexible options to pay their overdue fines, due to changes to the management of fines in SA.

A new unit - Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit - has been established within the Attorney-General's Department to recover fine amounts owed to state and local government bodies. These functions moved from the Courts Administration Authority to the new Fines Unit on 3rd February 2014.

What this means for fines owed in South Australia

Get in touch with the Fines Unit today if you have overdue fines. Just call 1800 659 538 or visit

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