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Fire Prevention

Fire Danger Season

The Fire Danger Season in the Mid North usually commences on 15th of November each year and concludes on 30 April (inclusive) each year.  These dates are declared after consideration of recommendations from the Mid North & Yorke Bushfire Management Committee and are subject to change.

The 2018/2019 Fire Danger Season will commence on the 1st of November 2018 and is planned to cease on the 30th of April 2019.

 Council Bushfire Prevention Plan

The Bushfire Prevention Plan, which covers the entire Regional Council of Goyder area, provides the framework and guidelines for all landholders, private and public, for bushfire prevention. The Plan is prepared pursuant to Section 73A of the Fire and Emergency Services Act, 2005, and in recognition of the need to protect life and reduce the impact of bushfires on property and the environment within our area.

Aims and Objectives of the Plan

The Plan aims :

  • To protect life and property throughout the Regional Council of Goyder.
  • To reduce or, where possible, eliminate the risk of bushfires starting.
  • To reduce or, where possible, eliminate the impact of bushfires on life, property and assets.
  • To reduce risks to firefighting personnel.
  • To strategically reduce fuel hazards and inhibit the rate of spread of bushfires.
  • To encourage community bushfire prevention and protection whilst ensuring sound land management and environmental principles are taken into account.
  • To minimise environmental damage from bushfires.

This Objectives of the Plan are to :

  • Establish standards of Bushfire Prevention appropriate to the risk and hazard within the Regional Council of Goyder.
  • Define the assets located within the region and highlight those under greatest threat.
  • Define areas of hazard and risk within the Regional Council of Goyder.
  • Define fire prevention responsibilities for all sectors of the community.
  • Set out requirements and responsibilities for hazard management throughout the region.
  • Set out requirements and responsibilities for risk management throughout the region.
  • Propose fire prevention actions throughout the region that have due regard for the environment, and sound land management principles.
  • Provide a detailed list of recommended prevention works for townships, settlements, and other major assets within the Goyder Council area.
  • Foster links with adjoining Councils to provide a regional approach to bushfire prevention through cooperation and identification of measures to be included in the Regional Bushfire Prevention Plan.
  • Promote and enhance Community awareness of fire threat and fire prevention throughout the Regional Council of Goyder.

Plan Contents

The Plan covers :

Physical Description - Regional Council of Goyder Area

  • Topography
  • Land Use
  • Vegetation
  • Settlement Patterns
  • Land Tenure
  • Climate
  • Lightning
  • Days of Extreme Fire Danger
  • Access
  • Water Supplies
  • Community and District Assets

Fire Problem Description

  • Fire History
  • Fire Hazard
  • Current Hazard Management
  • Fire Risk
  • Risk Management

Regional Fire Threat

  • Townships
  • Rural Areas
  • Public Lands


Region Fire Prevention Strategies

  • Fire Hazard Management
  • Fire Risk Management
  • Buffer Zones
  • Fire Breaks
  • Fire Access
  • Water Supplies
  • Public Education
Local ActionPlans
  • Township and Rural Action Plans
    • Community Assets
    • Fire Hazard Management
    • Fire Breaks/Buffer Zones
    • Fire Risk Reduction
    • Access
    • Water Supply
    • Refuge Areas


  • Permit Conditions
  • Fireworks
  • Authorised Permit Officers
  • Codes of Practice


The Plan is reviewed regularly for presentation to Council. The current Plan was adopted by Council at its meeting held on 19 March 2013, and the Goyder Council Fire Prevention Officer is responsible for implementing the Plan.

 Note :

  • This Plan has been formulated in conjunction with the State Bushfire Management Plan and endorsed by the Flinders, Mid North and Yorke Bushfire Management Committee.  
  • A copy of this Plan is held at both Council offices at Burra and Eudunda.
  • An indexed version is also available for online viewing by clicking on the following link. The Figures and Maps referred to in the document are provided separately for reference.

Bushfire Prevention Plan(14607 kb)

Authorised Fire Permit Officers for Regional Council of Goyde

Conditions Applying outside of the Fire Danger Season

The following conditions apply outside of the Fire Danger Season and MUST be adhered to :

  • Burns only to occur between 9am and 5pm Monday - Sunday inclusive
  • Neighbours who are likely to be affected are to be notified prior to light up so evasive action can be taken to avoid smoke
  • Sufficient water at hand to extinguish immediately should necessity arise
  • The fire to be supervised by an adult at all times and completely extinguished befire it is left
  • If asked to extinguish the fire because someone is affected, you must comply
  • Only dry timber or timber derivative may be burnt and an accelerant MUST NOT BE USED
  • This permit does NOT authorise a person to burn on land if the person is not the owner of the land or does not have the consent of the owner or occupier of the land.

If you wish to burn at your property outside of the above requirements, you will be required to complete an Application for Permit To Burn Outside Of Fire Season form, available here: Application For Permit To Burn Outside Of Fire Season(50 kb)


  • Worlds End Reserve is covered by this permit providing that timber is not collected from the reserve, it MUST be brought in from other sources.
  • This generic permit will remain in force for a period of 12 months of until the start date of the 2017/2018 fire danger season (whichever is sooner)
  • This permit does not authorise the burning of any other substances other than dried timber or timber derivatives.
  • The fact that a person has complied with the conditions of this permit does not;
  1. Relieve that a person from liability for any loss, damage or harm caused by a fire lit under the authority of the permit; OR
  2. Prevent proceedings for enforcement of the general environmental duty under section 25 of the Environment Protection Act 1993, or for any offence under the Act, in relation to the burning activity (clause 6(5) of the Environment Protection (air quality) Policy 2016


Additional Information


There is a wealth of information, and links to related sites from the CFS site.

Further relevant information can be found on the following sites :


"Your Guide to Bushfire Safety 2016-2017" is available from Council officers and Information Centres.


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