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Annual Business Plan

Council adopted the 2018/19 Annual Business Plan, Annual Budget and Long Term Financial Plan at their meeting held on 26th June 2018. 

Annual Business Plan and Budget 2018/19 and Long Term Financial Plan 2018-28(5348 kb)


Annual Report

Each year Council is required to present an Annual Report. This document includes the audited Annual Financial Statements, and reports by Council Offices relating to their particular areas of activity. The Annual Report also provides information on various Council functions, staffing, and policies.

The Annual Report can be accessed by clicking the links below. It is a large document and may take a few minutes to download.

Annual Report 2017 - 2018(5528 kb)

Annual Report 2016 - 2017(5748 kb)

Annual Report 2015-16

Annual Report 2014-15

Annual Report 2013-14

Annual Report 2012-13

Annual Report 2011-12

Annual Report 2010-11




Burra & Eudunda Street Tree Audits

The Burra & Eudunda Street Tree Reports have been completed by Oxigen Landscape Architects.

The Reports can be accessed by clicking the links below

Eudunda Street Tree Audit(2370 kb)

Burra Street Tree Audit(4100 kb)

Burra North Street Tree Audit(3329 kb)



Water Supply Investigation

Two reports make up the Water Supply Investigation carried out by Tonkins Engineering on behalf of the Central Local Government Region. They are length documents and may take a few minutes to download.

Water Supply Report Part 1(4106 kb)

Water Supply Project Part 2(3236 kb)  


Natural Disaster Risk Management Plan

The Regional Council of Goyder Natural Disaster Mitigation Study Plan is designed to identify, analyse and evaluate risk occurring from Natural Disasters in the Goyder Region. This Study Plan was partly funded by the Department of Transport and Regional Services.

Natural Disaster Risk Management Plan - Final Report(6705 kb)

Map 1 Location(142 kb)

Map 2 Native Vegetation Presence(574 kb)

Map 3 Native Vegetation Structure(279 kb)

Map 4 Topography - Slope(137 kb)

Map 5 Earthquake Hazard(98 kb)

Map 6 Earthquake History(91 kb)

Map 7 Landslip Potential(2234 kb)

Map 8 Census Collection Districts(114 kb)

Map 9 Major Services(131 kb)


Roadside Vegetation Survey

This roadside vegetation survey was commissioned and funded by the Regional Council of Goyder, the Native Vegetation Council, the Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation and the SA Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board. This survey was conducted in April-May 2008. This report aims to give the Regional Council of Goyder and other users information on the conservation value of roadside vegetation and the location of roadside segments that are of particularly high importance.

Roadside Vegetation Survey - Report(8210 kb)


(Note: the following maps are A3 size and may take a few minutes to download)

Vegetation Associations

Overview Condition

Overall Significance

Proposed Potential Sites

Roads Surveyed

Width of Roads


Staff Gift & Benefits Register

A new Code of Conduct for Council Employees was made and will commence on 2nd April, 2018

The new Code deals solely and exclusively with gifts and benefits. In summary -

  • There is no exception to the fits and benefits rule for hospitality provided in the context of performing duties (so any hospitality valued over $50 must be recorded on the gifts and benefits register)
  • A Council employee must provide details of any gift or benefit (now including any hospitality) of an amount greater than $50 (being the amount determined by the Minister by notice in the Gazette on 13th February 2018)
  • A gift or benefit received by a person related to a Council employee (as defined in schedule 3 to the Local Government Act) is to be treated as a gift or benefit received by the employee
  • A Council employee may not seek or receive a gift or benefit that is, or could reasonably be taken to be, intended or likely to create a sense of obligation on part of the emplyee to a person or influence the employee in the performance or discharge of their functions or duties
  • The CEO musts maintain a register of gifts and benefits received by employees. The reigster is a public document available for inspection and must be published on a website determined by the CEO
  • A complaint alleging that a Council employee has not complied with the code must be dealth with in accordance with a policy prepared and maintained by the Council relating to complaints against employees. The policy must nominate a person to whom complaints are given. In the case of the CEO, the policy must provide that complaints are to be given to the principal member of Council.

Staff Register 03.12.2018(102 kb)





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