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Apoinga Cemetery

Apoinga Cemetery Header

 Thought to be the first cemetery in the area, Apoinga Cemetery was established sometime prior to 1879 and is located east of the Apoinga Smelter ruins (off of Mollers Gap Road, Apoinga).

The Regional Council of Goyder holds a partial record of burials within the cemetery dated between 1906 and 1958.

The Cemetery consists of 6 headstones along with an estimated 35 other marked and un-marked graves.  

Notations contained within Councils burial records indicate there are also 7 graves located on private property (opposite the cemetery) on the site of the old Apoinga Smelter. The notation lists the following two names,

William Barker - age 29 - died 1851

Mary Row - 15 months - Daughter of Levinia Row

Persons interested in viewing graves located on private property should first seek permission and arrange access with the property owner.

A map of the Apoinga cemetery and photos of headstones are accessible below,

Apoinga Cemetery Map(169 kb)

Headstone Burow, A.L(151 kb) 

Headstone Burow M.W(164 kb)

Headstone Kernchen J & E(115 kb) 

Headstone Kernchen J.A(153 kb)

Headstone Vandrey G(176 kb)

Headstone Vandrey J(169 kb) 


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