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Dog Registration

All dogs from 3 months old must be registered. Registration forms are available from the Burra and Eudunda Council Offices or can be downloaded below;

Dog Registration (26 kb) 


Renewals must be paid by the last working day in August.  Click on the following link for Dog Registration and Pound Fees;

Dog Registration & Pound Fees 2017/18(40 kb) 

Smelts Road Off-Leash Dog Park

The dog park located on Smelts Road, Burra is now open!

This park has been provided so dogs and owners can exercise and socialise in a safe environment. The amenities have been carefully selected to blend with a natural setting in a heritage area.

Please remember;:

- Un-neutered dogs are often involved in aggressive behaviour

- Fully immunised and wormed dogs cannot transmit diseases

- Food is also a recipe for aggression or bad behaviour

- Children are admitted to hospital every week due to interaction with dogs

- Immediate removal of dogs with signs of aggressive behaviour is necessary

- This is a public place and you are responsible for your dog's behaviour at all times

- A dog under complete effective control is a joy to exercise and play with

- Dog waste bags and a bin is provided so your steps are light and untainted




Farrell Flat Dog Park

The Farrell Flat Dog Park & new playground area in Cameron Terrace is now open! A great initiative of the Farrell Flat community.


Cat Registration

Cat registration is NOT a compulsory requirement within the Regional Council of Goyder, however in the interest of animal welfare Council has developed a system in an attempt to ensure your cat's safe return to you. Council's involvement with cats is limited to hiring cat traps to the public, there are lawful requirements concerning what to do with a cat once it is caught. One of those requirements is the safe return to the owner or a cat wearing ID.

Council has organised an ID tag to be worn on a cat's collar with Council's name and phone number and an ID number which will correspond to an entry on a register at Council's Offices at Burra and Eudunda.

The cost of identifying your cat is $2.00, this is a one-off cost. Replacement tag, should the original be lost will cost $1.00.

Initiatives like this only work when responsible owners take advantage of them.

A Cat Registration Form can be downloaded below;

 Cat Registration(30 kb)


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